Banking SPAM emails

Here is another SPAM mail that you may encounter. This message has many tell-tale signs of being illegitimate. First off, none of the banks or companies on this list have I ever done business with. Second, the email has no signs of being sent from a legitimate business. Third, the domain name that it was […]

Windows XP support ending

Attention Windows XP users, and Businesses that still have Windows XP computers!!! If you haven’t heard, Windows XP is coming up on it’s End of Life, which means Microsoft will NOT be supporting it any more. In 20 days, you will no longer be able to get support, security updates or patches for Windows XP! […]

Browser insecurity at “pwn2own” contest

Don’t believe the hype that Mac OS X or Windows are more secure than the other. It’s the same argument to say that iPhone or Android OS are better than the other. Don’t believe that Web Browsers are secure either!¬†All operating systems, phones, browsers and software have vulnerabilities. In a recent contest hackers were given […]

What’s App SPAM email alert!

More SPAM that is intended to make the user download fictitious voicemails. Not only do I not have a voicemail service through this company, the email was from the United Kingdom and the link in the email was to a web domain located in Latin America. Simple checks and balances like these will thwart these […]

Stay alert on SPAM email!

The latest in SPAM has shown that people are more eager than ever to spread malware over the Internet. This SPAM mail, that our mailbox caught, was from a fictitious sender attempting to get us to click the link to an infected website. Be on the lookout for mail like this. The sender is playing […]

Hello from Alt Solutions!

First off, thanks for visiting our blog! We are a new company in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializing in IT and Security Consulting. For more information, please see our website: Make sure to come back often as we will be posting more and more info, news, events and special offers as they come up! […]