Top 10 time saving tech tips!

Looking to save time doing the things you normally do with your computing devices? Alt Solutions is a big fan of the TED conferences. Here’s a great TED talk to help you out! Covering PC, Mac and Mobile devices. This video is short and easy for everyone!

More on the eBay Hack

The eBay hack still isn’t exactly cleaned up… For those of you out there with eBay accounts, Alt Solutions recommends to keep a close eye on your account(s). An estimated 145 million accounts are still not out of trouble as of yet. Also, you may want to check your PayPal account(s) just to keep an eye […]

SteamOS and Linux Gaming

To all those gamers out there, keep your eye on SteamOS and Linux gaming! Everyday there are new strides to make gaming better for the Linux community!

China has banned Windows 8! Surprised?

Interesting news from China. The Chinese government procurement center has instituted a ban on Windows 8 being installed on any government computers. Surprised? We here at Alt Solutions are not. If you’re looking for Alternative Solutions to the Windows 8 problem, you’re not alone! Contact us today to see how we can help!

eBay Hacked! Change your password now!

Ironically, after just posting a reminder yesterday to change your passwords frequently, popular website has been breached. If you have an eBay account, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW!

Ubuntu 14.04 released!

Alt Solutions has a lot of experience in working with Ubuntu. Now with the release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and the death of Windows XP, isn’t now the time to try something new? The security of Linux, the ease of use of a great desktop, and having comparable software to Windows… What other reasons do you have to […]