Healthcare vendors scoring very low scores in security

Healthcare providers are facing a large issue of security these days. With the HIPAA law, and new statutes that have been amended to it, security is becoming a larger issue by the day. With breach notification laws, data protection and privacy laws, and EMR systems being mandated by HIPAA and Omnibus, Healthcare providers face a […]

Most organizations don’t recognize security risks

Alt Solutions’ primary goal is Information Security, followed very closely by up-time and ease of use. Security doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and for small businesses, it should be extremely easy to do. Don’t be slow to take action on securing your company’s assets. Call us today for more information on how […]

All companies need to start preparing for attack

Alt Solutions believes the game would most definitely change if organizations of ALL sizes were to start preparing for attacks. Simple, easy changes, documentation, and hardening techniques go so far to protect organizations. But incident response planning must be made as well. For more help on these items, please contact us today!

Cloud Services: Convenient or Security threat??

Everyone is up in arms over “Cloud” services these days, stating that the costs are lower and the services are better. With issues such as ISP’s being attacked, hardware failures, and service provider outages, “Cloud” services can cost your company a lot of money in downtime, especially if you’re a small business. If you’re looking for […]

American Express involved in Breach

Another breach notification, but this time you’ll only be getting a letter if you’ve got an American Express credit card. Alt Solutions highly recommends looking at your credit card statement and reviewing all purchases made recently. Then call American Express and have a new card ordered immediately. For other tips and advise on keeping your personal […]

Domino’s Pizza Breached

You may hear of a breach at Domino’s Pizza in the coming days. Alt Solutions has looked into this issue and at this time there should be no alarm for Americans. It seems that the breach of Domino’s contains only French and Belgium customer data, but that doesn’t mean that it may not grow to include […]

P.F. Chang’s Breached

No surprise here. Another breach reported. This time P.F. Chang’s restaurant chain reports that they have suffered a breach to their credit card processing systems. If you’ve been to P.F. Chang’s recently, Alt Solutions recommends that you look over your credit card statement to make sure that your credit card hasn’t been compromised. For more information […]

Data Loss in California

Data loss like this should never happen at any company. While Alt Solutions isn’t located in California, this type of issue can occur at any healthcare company or doctors office, regardless of what type of medical services they provide. Security is done in layers to protect this type of thing from happening, and security education […]

June Windows Updates!

Don’t forget that yesterday was Microsoft‘s Patch Tuesday! Make sure to install ALL Windows Updates, Office Updates, and while you’re at it, go ahead an install updates for third party software such as Adobe products, Java, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others.

Phishing scam involving Dropbox

Do you use Dropbox? If so, make sure that you don’t fall into the latest Phishing scam. Estimates so far have shown nearly 350,000 computers have been infected with the Ransomware that is being distributed. First, never click on links in emails from people you don’t know. If you do download a file, and it’s asking you […]

Costs and Frequency of Breaches on the rise!

Alt Solutions believes strongly in securing private and personal data. Apparently that doesn’t seem to deter attackers from compromising company data. According to a third party, there were approximately 176 million records compromised in nearly 700 breaches to start out the 2014 year. If that isn’t enough to get your attention, that is the equivalent […]

Shedding light on the Ransomware issue

Ransom-ware (software that holds your computer or your data for ransom until you pay to have it unlocked) is nothing new. The Cryptolocker malware was in the news not to long ago as well. These web advertisements are worse than Cryptolocker because your computer can get infected by just browsing to a webpage that has a […]

Special Thanks to GriffonRawl MMA Academy

Alt Solutions would like to put a special thanks out to Jason Dent andGriffonRawl MMA Academy! For a limited time only, if you’re looking for IT Support or Security Services AND you’re a current active member of the GR Gym, we’ll give you 25% off your bill!!!! Call now!! Offer good through the end of […]

Alt Solutions keeps Security First!

Alt Solutions prides itself on being a Security Company who also does IT work. Every single one of our products and services is built around security first. One of our goals is to help our customers with security and privacy concerns, as well as to make sure that they stay safe online. Don’t get caught […]

UK Government Using Linux instead of Windows!

“We know the best technology and digital ideas often come from small businesses but too often in the past they were excluded from government work. In the civil service there was a sense that if you hired a big multi-national, who everyone knew the name of, you’d never be fired. We weren’t just missing out […]

Romania trashes Windows for Ubuntu!

Many people have made the switch to Ubuntu. Is the time right for you? Contact us today for a free consultation to see if Linux is right for you! Now Romania Considering Ubuntu In Its Schools! The ministry has released a list of tentative applications recommended to be used along with GNU/Linux. More from this […]

Alternative Solutions for the Windows 8 problem…

For those of you with an old Windows XP computer who are looking to buy a new computer, you have until October 30 to get a Windows 7 computer. Microsofthas already stopped selling retail versions of Windows 7 in October of last year, but time is running out to find Windows 7 computers. If you’re looking […]