Another Open Source Victory!

The city of Munich switched to Linux and save much more than 15% in their IT costs. In fact, that number is much closer to 30%. According to news sources, the City of Munich stated that the amount of time and money that was going to be invested in upgrading or replacing the hardware and software to run Windows 7 and Microsoft Office was going to cost nearly 35 million dollars. The number of Windows XP desktops was numbered in the “tens of thousands”.

The City of Munich decided that end user training and the use of LiMux, based off the popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, was going to cost MUCH less than upgrading and renewing the licences for Windows 7 and Office 2010. The switch to LiMux and OpenOffice wasn’t completed in a couple weeks, but the slow migration of all the computers started with removing Microsoft Office and installing Mozilla’s Firefox, OpenOffice, and Thunderbird Mail.

In May of 2003, the Munich City Council voted to start the planning of this project, and in December of 2013 the project was considered to be complete, with over 18,000 desktops running LiMux, LibreOffice and Thunderbird Mail.

Over time, the city workers have had decreasing amounts of support calls, little to no virus outbreaks and a reduced dependence on Microsoft related software. According to Wikipedia, “The city reports in addition to gaining freedom in software decisions and increased security, it has also saved €11.7 million (US$16 million).

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