More on the eBay Hack

The eBay hack still isn’t exactly cleaned up… For those of you out there with eBay accounts, Alt Solutions recommends to keep a close eye on your account(s). An estimated 145 million accounts are still not out of trouble as of yet. Also, you may want to check your PayPal account(s) just to keep an eye […]

SteamOS and Linux Gaming

To all those gamers out there, keep your eye on SteamOS and Linux gaming! Everyday there are new strides to make gaming better for the Linux community!

China has banned Windows 8! Surprised?

Interesting news from China. The Chinese government procurement center has instituted a ban on Windows 8 being installed on any government computers. Surprised? We here at Alt Solutions are not. If you’re looking for Alternative Solutions to the Windows 8 problem, you’re not alone! Contact us today to see how we can help!

eBay Hacked! Change your password now!

Ironically, after just posting a reminder yesterday to change your passwords frequently, popular website has been breached. If you have an eBay account, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW!

Ubuntu 14.04 released!

Alt Solutions has a lot of experience in working with Ubuntu. Now with the release of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and the death of Windows XP, isn’t now the time to try something new? The security of Linux, the ease of use of a great desktop, and having comparable software to Windows… What other reasons do you have to […]

Internet Explorer security issues

There have been many concerns about Internet Explorer. Alt Solutions has been advising people for years that the only time people should be using Internet Explorer is when you’re using websites made by Microsoft (, SharePoint websites, Outlook Web Access for Exchange, etc.). Also, sites like Citrix and Corporate Intranets should be viewed with Internet […]

Alt Solutions with Open Source Software

For small businesses, it’s hard to make money. So why would you go out of your way to spend that hard earned money on software and licensing?? Looking to get away from Microsoft and their obscene costs? Contact us today to find out how Alt Solutions can save your company money.

Linux Showdown!

For those of our followers that are interested in Linux and Open Source software, the next Linux Showdown starts soon! Test your Linux skills for free, on real servers, and see how you rate!For more information, please visit the Linux Showdown website!

Yahoo email passwords

Alt Solutions SPAM filters have been catching a large amount of SPAM from email addresses in the last week. For anyone using email, please make sure to change your password, and make sure to use a complex password. A password such as, “I Love Computers!!” is much more difficult to guess than a password […]

Updates for your Third Party Software!

Don’t forget that Microsoft isn’t the only company that makes software for your computer. Mozilla, Google, Apple, Adobe and and Oracle also make software that people very commonly use. Oracle announced that they’ve released a very important update to the software named, “Java”. Make sure to update Java on your computer if you have it installed!!! […]

The Heartbleed Vulnerability

There was a major vulnerability that has surfaced in the last couple days. The name of this vulnerability is, “Heartbleed”. This vulnerability affects websites that utilize the OpenSSL encryption libraries. Sites like Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint are not vulnerable because they do not use OpenSSL. Also, your computer’s login is not affected. That doesn’t mean that […]

Windows Updates!

Guess what day it is?? Nope, it’s not hump day, but it is the Second Tuesday of the month! Which means: Don’t forget to install Windows Updates! Don’t forget that the second Tuesday of every month is Microsoft’s patch release day. To install updates go to your Start Menu, then click on Control Panel. In the […]

Windows XP Upgrade Solutions

Dont forget that this week Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP! Officially, April 9th, Windows XP will not be supported anymore. Still using Windows XP? Contact us now to get more information on what you can do, and what your options are!

Banking SPAM emails

Here is another SPAM mail that you may encounter. This message has many tell-tale signs of being illegitimate. First off, none of the banks or companies on this list have I ever done business with. Second, the email has no signs of being sent from a legitimate business. Third, the domain name that it was […]

Windows XP support ending

Attention Windows XP users, and Businesses that still have Windows XP computers!!! If you haven’t heard, Windows XP is coming up on it’s End of Life, which means Microsoft will NOT be supporting it any more. In 20 days, you will no longer be able to get support, security updates or patches for Windows XP! […]

Browser insecurity at “pwn2own” contest

Don’t believe the hype that Mac OS X or Windows are more secure than the other. It’s the same argument to say that iPhone or Android OS are better than the other. Don’t believe that Web Browsers are secure either! All operating systems, phones, browsers and software have vulnerabilities. In a recent contest hackers were given […]

What’s App SPAM email alert!

More SPAM that is intended to make the user download fictitious voicemails. Not only do I not have a voicemail service through this company, the email was from the United Kingdom and the link in the email was to a web domain located in Latin America. Simple checks and balances like these will thwart these […]

Stay alert on SPAM email!

The latest in SPAM has shown that people are more eager than ever to spread malware over the Internet. This SPAM mail, that our mailbox caught, was from a fictitious sender attempting to get us to click the link to an infected website. Be on the lookout for mail like this. The sender is playing […]

Hello from Alt Solutions!

First off, thanks for visiting our blog! We are a new company in the Cleveland, Ohio area specializing in IT and Security Consulting. For more information, please see our website: Make sure to come back often as we will be posting more and more info, news, events and special offers as they come up! […]